And it’s done!

Diane E. took some photos & reports:

The wall is complete and was on the local tv news yesterday. They didn’t say when the storage bin would be hauled away, nor the yellow caution tape. But the dogs approve of the new shade structure and immediately understood the value of the caution tape to keep the paparazzi at bay.


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More art work…


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The artist has arrived!

001-largeA bit of work has started… she’s Swiss, not German, and speaks French, hence the notation.


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Bright white!

Another day later & someone decided the top coat wasn’t light enough and they spray painted it bright white!

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Work progresses on Claudia Comte art installation

After the plywood, paper and chicken wire, the contractor applied stucco and a day later is putting on a top coat in a lighter color.

Parts of the Desert X website are functioning, and I was able to learn that this installation is “Curves and Zigzags” by the artist Claudia Comte.  Here’s more from the website:

“Curves and Zigzags” is the third work from an ongoing series of free-standing walls that straddle painting and sculpture.  Comte’s practice embraces all media with equal ferocity and she uses this series to examine what happens when two-dimensional painting is superimposed on three-dimensional structure.  Unlike graffiti artists, her walls are built specifically for the work they carry.  In “Curves and Zigzags”, the painting starts with a stringent geometric composition that gradually morphs into a more organic wave-like pattern reminiscent of Bridget Riley’s optical paintings or the gardens of Burle Marx.  Playing on the constant exchange of dualities – nature and culture, order and chaos, geometric and organic form – Comte’s wall suggests a walk through the shifting sands of abstraction and on to a place where beauty and contemplation sit side by side.

You can read a biography of the artist on a gallery website here.

The contractor delivered a cargo container (that you can see in one of the photos) for the artist to use while working on her installation, to store materials and whatnot.  How exciting – we should meet her in a couple days!

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Desert X in the dog park?

First there were steel posts in an uneven line.  Then plywood covered the posts to create an undulating vertical wave.  Right in the middle of Homme-Adams Park.  A wind break?  Shade wall? Place for the dogs to relieve themselves?

I can’t confirm, but I think it’s the start of an art installation as part of Desert X.  Desert X, short for Desert Exhibition of Art, will be a free, site-specific contemporary art exhibition with more than 15 installations across the Coachella Valley, from the San Bernardino Mountains to the Salton Sea.  Conceived by a nonprofit group and run by  artistic director Neville Wakefield, the expo will run from February 25 to April 30.

The workers installing the fence believe that a German artist will start her part of the installation on Monday, February 6.  Currently, the Desert X website is down, but I’ll post more as soon as I scout it out.


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Keep your dogs away from meth!


I know that sounds stupid, but we just got this report from a neighbor on

One of our neighbors was walking her dog near the dry creek bridge in Ironwood Park when the dog picked up a small package. After dropping the package the dog began drooling excessively and then behaving bizarrely. The vet believes the dog got hold of a METH package. The dog is expected to survive after days of intensive care.

Always worth inspecting what your dog picks up, even if s/he drops it!

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