Bathroom etiquette

Karen picking up poop

Karen picking up poop

A whole bunch of us park users spend lots of time – EVERY morning – picking up other people’s poop.  Well, technically, it’s their dogs’ poop, but it’s the dogs’ people responsible for picking it up.

How would you like to start your day sampling the odiferous offerings of dozens of different dog butts?  It’s not fun, but we do it because we want to:

  • keep the park clean
  • remove hazards (of both the health & shoe-cleaning kind)
  • be nice to hikers without dogs who have to use the park for trail access

and mostly:

  • give no one a reason to revoke the park’s off-leash status

The way we look at it, it’s a huge priviledge to have a multi-acre area for our dogs to run around in.  The least we can do is clean up our own messes.  For crying out loud, the City provides plastic bags & trash bins for this purpose!


None of us understand why folks don’t pick up after themselves.  And what’s with bagging it, then leaving it to sit like garbage on the valley floor?  Is it really that hard to walk it over to a recepticle?  And if you don’t see your dog when s/he does his/her business, assume s/he has & pick up someone else’s mess instead. 

Okay, rant over.  Back to our regularly scheduled program.

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