Legislation to re-open the Bump & Grind?

CA Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez

CA Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez

I just came from a photo-op over at the Bump & Grind trail head, where Assemblymen Brian Nestande & V. Manuel Perez spoke briefly about a bill they’re spearheading to re-open the Bump & Grind.  The trail, besides having a hilarious name, is favored by Palm Desert hikers because of its variety, challenge, & views.  The CA Department of Fish & Game closed the top third of the trail last year claiming a threat to the endangered bighorn sheep population.

CA Assemblyman Brian Nestande

CA Assemblyman Brian Nestande

A subsequent lawsuit by hiker Blaine Carian compelled the Department of Fish & Game to hand over data showing where bighorn sheet have been tracked using radio collars.  Surprise – no sheep near the Bump & Grind!  So why was the trail closed?  That’s what the Assemblymen want to know.  What a shame that it’s taking a lawsuit & government intervention to get a Federal agency to show its hand.

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