RIP Bronco

Last week we lost a dear member of the Homme-Adams dog park pack, Bronco.  A mellow & loving Dobie mix, he left us prematurely after a heart attack brought on from an enlarged heart.  His family would like to share this:

Bronco (c) Steven Sysum, More Than Sight Photography

Bronco (c) Steven Sysum, More Than Sight Photography

How fitting it is that Bronco would die of an enlarged heart.  He was fiercely protective of his people, and would gladly have died protecting us.  Yet, he rarely met a person or dog he didn’t like.

The first year I had him, I attempted in vain to train him to not greet strangers.  Not everyone likes a Doberman running at them at full speed to say “hi”.  But Bronco took his self-appointed job as “Official Greeter” to heart, and the best I could do was slow him down some.

He charmed many a stranger, whom later told me they had not been comfortable with large dogs until Bronco leaned on them (velcro-dog), nudged their hand to pet him, and looked up at them and smiled.  Yes, Bronco could actually smile.  He was very human, and yet he was also part angel.

BroncoHe sensed when people were hurting, and drew to their side, attempting to comfort.  We will all remember and miss this brave, loyal, sweet, goofy, loving dog who always had 2 feet on earth and 2 feet in heaven.

My only comfort is in knowing he is in a MUCH better place now, and will be one of the first to greet me when I get there.  I am ever grateful for the 6 years we had with him, and the many things he taught me, like making time each day to play.

His sudden, unexpected death reminds us all of how precious life is.

In Bronco’s honor, please be extra tender to your loved ones today, and don’t take each other for granted.  I am grateful to this dog-community for your support, kind words, and the love you gave Bronco while he was with us.

Thank you, Aletha, Bob, and Cinder

Bronco with his girlfriends Cezanne & Jeopardy

Bronco with his girlfriends Cezanne & Jeopardy

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One Response to RIP Bronco

  1. KarmaDog says:

    RIP special boy. I do remember you.

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