Yup, we finally spotted a rattler.  I missed the excitement, but the rest of the crew saw it – minding it’s own business as it moseyed along past the lower palapa at Homme-Adams.  Susan got some great shots – including one where it’s slithering past… you can guess… dog poo!

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4 Responses to SNAKES!

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    For everyone to know:
    There has been several rattle snake sighting as you go up the steps at the lower Palapa’s. For as long as I have been going to this park, He / She usually hangs out around the bush as you crest the steps.
    I have been told many others have viewed another rattler that lives by the lower Palapa’s. Looks like you got the photo !
    This morning I flushed a coyote out of bushes and there was a partially eaten Rabbit carcass.
    The coyotes will be coming down the mountains now for water. They will usually go to the wash where sprinkler water runs daily. Be careful and be aware as summer arrives. JQ

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