Don’t blame me if it’s starting to sound like “lions and tigers and bears” – the desert is still a wild place, after all – but in the last week, 2 women out walking up in north Palm Desert were bitten by coyotes!

According to an article in the Desert Sun, this is very uncommon behavior, and both animals were believed to be unaffected by rabies.  One attack was in the morning, on a woman trying to beat the heat by getting out for a walk early.  The other was in the early evening, and both were in the Sun City development.

Anyone trying to beat the heat by walking his or her dog at odd hours – be alert!

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2 Responses to COYOTES!

  1. axmk2000 says:

    Absolutely – hence we must tread with caution.

  2. billysauntie says:

    You’re invading their territory!!!

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