Clean Up Day TOMORROW at Homme-Adams

Sorry for being delinquent in posting this; Diane brought it to my attention at the beginning of last month.  But I do have the info straight from the folks at the Santa Rosa – San Jacinto Mountains Visitor Center:

WHAT:  National Public Lands Day – Homestead Trailhead Clean Up Day

WHERE:  Homme Adams Park (presumably at the Homestead trailhead – look for the groups of people)

WHEN:  Saturday, Oct 27, 2012 7AM – 11AM

HOW:  The NP folks will provide bags, but recommend gloves, water, sunscreen, long pants, and close-toed shoes.  No RSVP is necessary – just show up.

We figure it’s a good time to show we dog owners do our part to begin with, as well as reach out to others to join forces to:

1. keep Homme Adams as an off-leash park

2. reopen the Homestead Trail to dogs off-leash

Tell your friends, and be there!

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