Dead ducks?

Dead male mallard in Homme Adams park

Dead male mallard in Homme Adams park

We came across a dead mallard yesterday, just west of the boundary fence of Homme-Adams.  The dogs, understandably, were quite interested.  (Except for Sadie – what does she care about a bird that isn’t flying?)  Nothing wrong with it, fresh, unmarred – but in the middle of the desert.

Diane knew that the State Health Department was interested in dead birds that weren’t obviously killed by something, because they are diligently tracking West Nile virus.  So we called the hotline:

DOH Dead Bird Hotline

We bagged it up, and I took it home, where it was promptly picked up by a very appreciative health department staffer.  It will be tested for West Nile and, if the results are positive, I will be notified. (And of course I will post the info here.)

If you find dead birds – call the hotline to see if they are interested.

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