No bulletin boards for now…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bulletin board at Homme-Adams?  I asked about it at City Hall and, well, I guessed this would be the response, but it was worth a shot.  We can get help with a clean up day, though!

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Hi – I walk my dog every day in the Homme-Adams off-leash park & a number of us would be very interested in facilitating the addition of one or more “bulletin boards” near parking areas at the park. We would like to coordinate “clean up days” and educate folks about dog care, as well as provide a place for “lost & found” notices. Can you tell me who within the city government I should direct my comments? Thanks very much!

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Good Morning Ms. Kozak,

Thank you for your interest in Homme-Adams Park, many find the serene setting of that park to be second to none. You should be commended for wanting to facilitate clean up days and education efforts. In tough times, volunteerism such as you are proposing certainly helps the City in its efforts to keep our Parks in first-class condition.

Bulletin boards in the past have been seen by the parks industry as difficult to manage. The City’s burden is to review the content posted on it for appropriateness. As you can imagine, postings can be seen by some public members as postings endorsed by the City. Our struggles in the past have included improper placement of advertisings, political flyers, etc.

I do believe we can get to your desired outcome in different ways. All volunteers working on City property need to be properly vetted and sign a release form for any given activity. In the case of cleanup days we want to make sure volunteers are wearing appropriate attire, have a pair of gloves and eye protection. I can coordinate official volunteer days and post temporary City endorsed flyers, provide trash bags, and supervision if required. I am happy to help coordinate these efforts and it is certainly most appreciated.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Ryan Stendell
Senior Management Analyst
City of Palm Desert
(760) 346-0611 ext. 386

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