Humorous – but honest – look at leashing

“Should I leash my dog?”  We’ve all wondered at various points when enjoying an off-leash romp with our best friends.  The following is a humorous look at how to answer that question, put together by the folks at Dogs In Need of Space.

Should I Leash My DogI don’t know much about that group, but I wonder if they were behind that effort – yet to catch on – to get “DINOS” to wear yellow ribbons, so others can tell when a dog doesn’t want to be approached (cranky or old or Tula).  Or the dog’s owner doesn’t want the dog approached (service dog, dog recovering from injury).

I have been known to practice some civil disobedience in areas where leashes are required but the requirement is largely flaunted.  But I try very hard to keep a close eye on my pooches, and if a dog on leash is in sight, I either leash or ask if the other person wants my dogs leashed.  Usually, the answer is a surprised, “No!  It’s ok – my dog’s friendly!”

But occasionally I get a grateful, “Yes! My dog is [fill in the blank].”  Rarely, I hear some grumbling / ranting about “you should obey leash laws” to which I can only reply, “Yes, you’re right, I’m sorry.”  Anything else would be just wrong.

What I find tricky is when I’m in an off-leash area, and I see a dog on leash approaching.  I have to assume that the owner knows other dogs will be off leash, and wouldn’t be there if there was a problem being approached by other dogs.  In most cases, the dog is on leash because the owner is afraid of Rover running off.  But sometimes it’s not.  How do you handle that?

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