Desert X in the dog park?

First there were steel posts in an uneven line.  Then plywood covered the posts to create an undulating vertical wave.  Right in the middle of Homme-Adams Park.  A wind break?  Shade wall? Place for the dogs to relieve themselves?

I can’t confirm, but I think it’s the start of an art installation as part of Desert X.  Desert X, short for Desert Exhibition of Art, will be a free, site-specific contemporary art exhibition with more than 15 installations across the Coachella Valley, from the San Bernardino Mountains to the Salton Sea.  Conceived by a nonprofit group and run by  artistic director Neville Wakefield, the expo will run from February 25 to April 30.

The workers installing the fence believe that a German artist will start her part of the installation on Monday, February 6.  Currently, the Desert X website is down, but I’ll post more as soon as I scout it out.


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