Avoid these ‘shrooms!

An observant dog owner reports:  These popped up in my dad’s front yard after the rain this week. I’ve seen them in lawns around the hood here too.

No wonder the wildlife leaves it alone – explosive diarrhea!

shrooms-2 shrooms-1

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It’s National Dog Day!

Celebrate with your favorite canine at one of Palm Desert’s many dog parks!

Natl Dog Day 8-26

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Lynn reports:  Greg and JoJo found a rattler this morning on our walk – near the base of the hill.  It made quite a sound!  JoJo and Greg were great – left it alone and came when they were called!  Check out the picture Joan took and see if you can find Waldo!rattler joan lynn (Medium) (Small)

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Welcome to Yogi!

Karen & Bob adopted Yogi from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and he’s making friends at the dog park!

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RIP Shepsie Yellen

Allison writes:  I genuinely can’t believe I have to post this but – 3 weeks to the day since Rebel died – our other greatly loved dog Shepsie passed away. He was happy and healthy until the very end, and spent his very last moments in Homme-Adams surrounded by his dog park friends. I can’t say he was a “good” dog and indeed we frequently referred to him as “the bad one”. He was confident, smart, amazingly athletic, had a great sense of humor, and until he got a bit older really a handful. I always said that Shepsie never started fights, but he pushed other dogs’ buttons so they would react. But living with him was so rewarding and I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it.


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RIP Rebel Yell-en

Allison writes:  My co-worker Emily chose to bring Rebel back to San Francisco from a volunteer stint in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina specifically because she knew we fostered GSDs. He was a very handsome dog – an unusual cream with stunning “eye makeup”. But the glamour belied his true nature; he was a goofy, clumsy, sweet, dopey guy who constantly made us laugh.

He was our reliably “good” dog… but had an uncanny ability to make whole racks of ribs disappear from a kitchen counter without a trace. He tripped over his own feet on every walk, but when given a chance to herd sheep he moved masterfully on total instinct. He could terrify with his great deep GSD bark, but was most ferocious when attacking water sprayed from the hose.

He was wonderful to scruffle; he did a little dance when you scratched his butt, groaned like an old man when you rubbed his ears, and his fur was so soft & thick in some places you thought you were fondling mink.

I had to make 2 photo collages: one for the happy Rebel & one for the gorgeous Rebel. We’ll miss them both desperately.

Rebel fun

Rebel handsome


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Wildflowers blooming in the desert

Can anyone say what they are?

Tiny Pink Wildflowers Homme Adams 2016-01-19_2 Tiny Pink Wildflowers Homme Adams 2016-01-19_1

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